Cow Finally Sees Her Calf Again

Cow Finally Sees Her Calf Again

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Reunion stories are often heartwarming and tear-jerking. This one is no different. Originally occurring back in 2009, the story of Karma a rescue cow crying over being separated from her calf, named Mr. Rojas, has been making its rounds on the Internet once again.

Karma was rescued from a small farm that didn’t have the greatest of conditions for her to thrive. Her rescuers assumed bringing her to a spacious and caring farm would make her happy, but what they didn’t realize was that she’d had a baby that was still at the old farm. She wouldn’t stop crying. When staff at Gentle Barn Sanctuary saw that her udders were dripping milk, the immediately called Karma’s former owners.

According to The Dodo, Gentle Barn Sanctuary staff was informed that the calf was at the original farm, but was on his way to the butcher. Luckily, the transport vehicle carrying Mr. Rojas broke down. The Gentle Barn Sanctuary was able to retrieve the animal and take him to Karma. The reunion is touching, seeing Karma try to reach her baby. When they do reunite, Mr. Rojas collapses from weakness at Karma’s feet. Not to worry, though, she rouses him and he is soon back to nursing. A mother’s love is very strong.


The two are still at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary. If you wish to learn more about Karma or Mr. Rojas or would like to make a donation to sponsor them or a different animal, visit The Gentle Barn website.

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