Biodegradable Urn Turns The Deceased Into A Tree

Biodegradable Urn Turns The Deceased Into A Tree

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http://www.urbanfarmonline.com/images/news/bios-urn-1.jpgBiodegradable Urn Turns The Deceased Into A TreeBiodegradable Urn Turns The Deceased Into A Tree – Urban FarmBios UrnThis eco-friendly burial option offers a chance at life after death.This eco-friendly burial option offers a chance at life after death.This eco-friendly burial option offers a chance at life after death.newsCari JorgensenOctober 20, 2015


Have you thought about what you want to happen to your body after you die? A rather grim topic, sure, but it’s probably crossed people’s mind a time or two. Some want to be buried; others want to be cremated. Some have purchased burial plots; those in favor of cremation have an idea of what they want done with their ashes. If you’re leaning toward cremation, but aren’t sure if you want your ashes sitting in an urn on a loved one’s shelf or spread over your favorite spot, you have another option: Bios Urn.

Bios Urn is biodegradable and “uses the ashes of a loved one to fertilize the seed of a tree,” A Plus reports. It is made up of “a brown fibrous vessel for ashes, which favorably alters the soil conditions for the soil and seed located in the top.”

CEO Roger Moliné came up with the idea several years ago. “One afternoon my brother was planting some vegetables with my grandmother. They were in the orchard when suddenly our grandmother found a dead bird lying on the floor,” Moliné told A Plus. “Instinctively, without thinking too much, she took the dead bird, made a small hole in the floor and threw on it both the dead bird, with some of the seeds she had on her hand. That action, or better said, that reaction is what inspired the Bios Urn. A product that could use the remains of someone or something that passed away, and convert it into a new form of life.”

urnabios.comSince its inception in 2013, “tens of thousands of urns on four continents” have been sold, A Plus reports. Check out what people are saying about it:

Would Bios Urn be an option for you? For more information, visit the Bios Urn website.

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