7 Balloon Creations Rockin’ Our Farm

7 Balloon Creations Rockin’ Our Farm

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Two of my favorite things about summer: gardens and carnivals. (Admit it, you can’t resist a good cotton-candy sugar high while spinning upside down on a terrifying carny ride either.) Thanks to the balloon art produced by Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, these two worlds finally collide.

You won’t see lame balloon dogs and silly balloon hats among Matsumoto’s super-rad creations. Instead, he cranks up the creativity, constructing our favorite urban livestock—chickens and goats—as well as some of the more inconspicuous creatures that rock our gardens. Just like the carrots growing in your raised bed, these pieces of art are pure and authentic, using only balloons (no harmful additives like glue or magic markers) to bring these creations to life.

Check out our favorite Matsumoto balloon animals below, and if you dare, try your hand at a balloon creation of your own with his step-by-step guide to making a balloon pumpkin.

Check out all of Matsumoto’s creations on his Tumblr.

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