14 Veggie Stickers to Show Farmer Love

14 Veggie Stickers to Show Farmer Love

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No longer rosy over roses? Does a box full of chocolates seem a little stale? Don’t worry, we’re also cringing over the old Valentine’s Day clichés. We thought if we’re going to preach the farm-fresh gospel throughout the year, why should it be any different on this day of love? It is, after all, the feast of St. Valentine.

Instead of a box of candy hearts, surprise your loved ones with these custom-made conversation stickers, posted on their favorite vegetables. To get started, pick up a pack of Avery 1-inch-diameter labels, package number 5247 or 6450. Download the corresponding template below, and print according to label package instructions. Then have fun sticking little notes around your kitchen—or even in the garden, if your climate allows!—for your loved one to find.

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